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Thunder Lizards of the Bakongo

Warriors in pre-Colonial Africa battle dinosaurs of legend after a great conflagration forces the beasts out of hiding.

Action Sci-Fi (Rated PG-13)
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi-page feature screenplay (also formatted as 60-minute pilots)
4-page synopsis
$75+ million budget
© 2011-2023

"Apocalypto" meets "Jurassic Park"!

From the success of the recent Jurassic World and its many lesser imitators, it seems that the public never grows tired of dinosaurs!

Set in the days just before the arrival of the White Man, this is the story of a great hunter and warrior, Ngomo Malumba, who heroically leads his people in battle against Africa's legendary monsters that according to myth live among its vast uncharted mountains, swamps and rainforests.

"Thunder Lizards of the Bakongo" is a high octane actioner set against the unforgettable beauty of Africa's wilderness. When a distant natural disaster causes monsters to invade the village of Numbani just as Ngomo weds lovely Iola, he and his courageous fighters face the fearsome adversaries virtually hand-to-hand, without access to gunpowder, lasers or mechanical weapons of war.

If you'd like to view this unusual but heroic story, which has significant franchise and alternate media (ie. graphic novel) potential, I look forward to sending it to you.


Honorable Mention (Athens Int’l Monthly Art Film Festival 2022)
Official Selection (Genre Celebration Festival 2022)

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