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A recluse observes increasingly disturbing activities in her apartment corridor through the peephole in her door, till finally she ventures out for a closer look.

Psychological Horror (Rated PG-13)
14-page short screenplay
1-page synopsis
$1+ million budget
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A young woman’s hermit-like existence is supplemented by endless hours spent viewing the comings and goings of others through the peephole in her apartment door.

Life passes uneventfully, but soon the activities within her 120 degree fish-eye viewpoint become increasingly disturbing, and not only because some passersby seem to have become aware that she’s watching them.

Finally, late one night, when all is dark and quiet, the woman’s curiosity gets the better of her and she ventures forth.

Influenced by Lynch’s "Eraserhead", Polanski’sThe Tenant”, and maybe my own nightmares and imagination, I think you'll enjoy this vexing but distinctly non-gory, non-violent, non-profane horror tale.

Major Character/Casting Possibility: 

Sarah Phelps, 25 years


This short and the 3 others I've written have been compiled into a feature anthology, "Stories for a Summer Beach Party". This is how I'd prefer to have them produced:  Stories for a Summer Beach Party

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