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A lonely time traveler falls in love with a relief worker who dies in a devastating natural disaster, then tries to find her again at an earlier time in order to save her.

Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi (Rated PG)
104-page feature screenplay
3-page synopsis
$50+ million budget
© 2010-2023

Tagline: "When you're falling in love, don't look back!"

Starting off in Manhattan, but set mostly in exotic Chennai, India, “Dimensions” plays on the first blush of love that everyone's experienced. When shy American Charles meets outgoing New Zealander Rachel, romantic sparks fly. But nature, and time, conspire to keep the lovebirds apart.

"Dimensions" is in the vein of "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" meets "Twelve Monkeys": As you remember, in both of those the hero got a little confused as he tried to figure out how things work.

Because there's no doubt about it: This story handles time travel as "multi-universe". So while you can change the past, the question becomes who's past might you be changing? That's Charles' predicament, and it produces an ending (or should I say "endings") to remember!

The story offers a great actor's role for leading-man Charles, but also for a wonderful actress to do his four (and counting) Rachels! Great for a reunion of sorts for Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet, perhaps?

If you're not in a gushy mood when you start to read this one, hopefully you will be when you're finished!


Award Winner (Athvikvaruni International Film Festival 2022)
Finalist (Changing Face International Film Festival [CFIFF] 2022)

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