American Genocide

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American Genocide

Two psychopathic siblings, on the run with their irresponsible father from their demented mother, blend in with a parade of mass murderers weaving a trail of death and terror across the nation’s highways.

Comedy, Crime, Drama, Thriller (Rated R)
104-page feature screenplay
4-page synopsis
$20+ million budget
© 2017

In this story, perhaps to be directed in the style of the hectic thrillers of Quentin Tarantino or Oliver Stone from the 90s, murderers of every type plague the U.S. roadways. But while the sadists with the goriest nicknames earn the most media attention, none of them generates the kill numbers of an everyday-looking family – a dad with his thirteen-year-old daughter and nine-year-old son - who leave mass bloodshed in their wake as they roam the Southwestern U.S. with their dead cat in the trunk.

Hopefully, the cops are closing in on this peculiar clan of killers, but so are the kids’ psychotic mom, as well as a caring aunt out to rescue the kids to a safe, loving home.

With murder and mayhem from start to finish, it’s ... American Genocide!

Now for the serious stuff:

I aim high both with my themes and my storytelling. The "genocide" in the title refers to the destruction of generations of youth, through violent programming, neglect, home breakup, etc. As for a this-meets-that comparison of the story, you may detect a dash of "American Psycho", a spoonful of "No Country for Old Men", and (if you go back that far) a smidgen of "Night of the Hunter", award-winners all.

I look forward to sending this startling, modestly-budgeted allegory to you! (Also available as Pilot + Episode One)

Dream Cast (for most of these, I've already reached out to reps or the person's production company):

Michael Shannon, Johnny Depp, Ethan Hawke or Jake Gyllenhaal (Roger, the father character)
Don Cheadle (Lunchbox Sadist; perfect against-type casting)
Winona Ryder (Elise, the mother)
Dakota Fanning (Sharon, the aunt)
Ethan Hawke or Jake Gyllenhaal (Officer Randy Wilson, Det. Roy Hickson)

This script is part of my unofficial trilogy of the theme of "the-monsters-we-make-of-our-children-if-we-don't-bring-them-up-properly" or "poor parenting payback". [1] Little Sheep (action-adventure), [2] Panic in the Street (gritty mature drama); [3] American Genocide (R-Rated black comedy).


Winner (Triloka International Filmfare Awards 2022)
Semi-finalist (LA Crime and Horror Film Festival 2022)

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