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Three Rememberable Days to Hope

A woman fleeing with her kids must learn to trust again to help a cheerful, otherworldly emissary deliver his wondrous gift for Mankind before a shadowy agency detecting his visits catches up with him.

Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Sci-Fi (Rated PG)
103-page feature screenplay
4-page synopsis
$30+ million budget
© 2010-2023

Tagline: "The Day the Earth Stood Still" meets "It's a Wonderful Life"

Mostly a road movie, this warmhearted story includes themes of faith, hope, free will, and trust -- and a brand new mythology as to why aliens are visiting Earth. (It is a beneficent one that is almost opposite to the Star Trek "hands off" approach to developing worlds!)

Major Characters/Casting Possibilities:

Helene Walton, 28 years
Children Mark, 9, and Tammy, 4
Det. Mike Railly, 33
Andy, 55

Note:  Written in 2010, the role of Andy was created for Robin Williams (R.I.P.), and even after a dozen annual polishes I'm sure that you can still "hear" it in the character's dialogue


Winner (Golden Horse International Film Festival)
Official Selection (Orlando International Film Festival)

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