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Find Me at the Roadside

Two thieves on the run with a hostage come upon a car wreck with a dead man at the wheel who seems to recover with each valuable that they plunder from the car.

Crime Horror (Rated R)
15-page short screenplay
1-page synopsis
$1+ million budget
© 2018

A pair of bank robbers are still trying to work out what to do with a teenager they abducted from their last crime scene when they stop at a car accident on a lonely rural road.

They’ll wish they had kept going.

As they ransack whatever valuables they can from the vehicle and from its mysterious driver, who’s deceased behind the airbag, their temporary stop-off threatens to become permanent.

The thieves’ hostage, handcuffed to the bumper of the get-away vehicle back on the road, can only watch in fear as the dead-as-a-doornail driver revives and launches a murderous rampage against the duo.

What drives this killer from the dead, and will the teen be next?


This short and the 3 others I've written have been compiled into a feature anthology, "Stories for a Summer Beach Party". This is how I'd prefer to have them produced:

Stories for a Summer Beach Party

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