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The Ugly Dude

In a zombie pandemic, a dude with serious kung fu searches for refuge in a quest made more lonely because he's so ugly fellow survivors think he's a zombie, and the Undead know he's not.

Action, Comedy, Horror (Rated PG-13)
109-page feature screenplay (also formatted as 60-minute pilots)
4-page synopsis
$50+ million budget
© 2010-2021

Being ugly has never been so stinking rotten!

As a final zombie battle looms, an ugly dude with a heart of gold, and major martial arts, dodges bullets from survivors who think he's a zed head, blends in with the Undead when he isn't bashing them, and drags along a special zombie lady and two human kids he meets, in a quest for sanctuary.

Equal parts action and comedy, with a dash of pathos and romance, the spatter is tempered by one of the most unlikely families you've ever encountered, “The Ugly Dude” takes the familiar zombie mythology to new places. It even warns you to think twice before unceremoniously disposing of that opera CD we got for your last birthday from Aunt Beulah!

Yep: Zombies, laughs, scares, action, opera, romance, a new origin story.

What more would you want?

A metaphor about the evils of prejudice? It's that too!

Major Characters/Casting Possibilities: 

Morgan, 30 years
Proctor, 45
Holly Zee, 25
Sammy, 10, and Penny, 8

Note: This project is part of my unofficial trilogy of the theme of stupid zombies that aren't really that scary. [1] Gandhi et al Versus Zombies (action-adventure-comedy set in 1944), [2] Dumbheadz (contemporary comedy); [3] this project, The Ugly Dude (post-apocalyptic action-comedy).


Winner (Mountain View International Film Festival - July)

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