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The Girl

An aging executive with little zeal left for life responds to a disturbing dream by preparing for an appointment with destiny that he believes his vision predicts.

Fantasy Drama (Rated PG)
20-page short screenplay
1-page synopsis
$1+ million budget
© 2018-2023

Peter Roberts awakens from an intense but incomplete nightmare to begin a journey of revelation, of the kind of person he is, has been, and should become.

For is Peter's dream predestination or foreshadowing? A condemnation for past indifference or an opportunity for atonement? When the time comes, does a new, better nature triumph over his life-long apathy?

"The Girl" says there can be a hero inside us all.

To make its point about choice and fate, I use some obtuse symbolism, including multi-faith imagery that is a little playful. But the goal is to inspire and to challenge, not sermonize.

With influences as varied as "Wild Strawberries", "The Machinist", and my own dreams, I think you'll enjoy this thought-provoking piece.

Major Character/Casting Possibility:

Peter Roberts, 60 years (Elias Koteas)


This short and the 3 others I've written have been compiled into a feature anthology, "Stories for a Summer Beach Party". This is how I'd prefer to have them produced:  Stories for a Summer Beach Party

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