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Brighton and Hove

Hiding in a compound with survivors after a pandemic wiped out humanity, a man who tends court for the despotic leader seeks redemption by switching places with a rebel hero he had to lock up.

Comedy (Rated PG)
98-page feature screenplay
4-page synopsis
$40+ million budget
© 2014

A Comedy of Apocalyptic Proportions!

Tagline: Life is tough. Extinction is tougher!

It’s Terry Gilliam’s "Brazil" meets Terry Gilliam’s "Twelve Monkeys", but this time there's no Bruce Willis or time machine to save us. (But we can make up for it by casting all members of Monty Python, living and deceased!)

"Rule #1: Whatever you do, don't let those blasted chickens in!"

As a bird flu pandemic flaps its wings outside the gates, an unleaderly leader, dysfunctional scientists, and stir-crazy survivors begin a second quarter century hiding in a filthy, cramped compound. At the same time, the few women in the place welcome old age after birthing nothing but males in a vain attempt to keep the species going.

But then a lonely, self-loathing Magistrate decides to act against the strict conventions of the place.

Oh, and then there’s that peculiar guy named “Scabby” who lives outside the compound...

Can humanity (and love) prevail, if given a chance?

Dream Cast:

Leading characters Charles and Scabby: TBD
Philpot: John Cleese
Proctor: Jeremy Irons
Supporting roles for: Charles McKeown, Jonathan Pryce, Michael Palin, Terry Gilliam

If you'd like to view this Pythonesque tale, written pre-COVID, in which the slapstick is tempered by some pretty biting satire about submission and freedom, I look forward to sending it to you.


Finalist (Bright International Film Festival 2022)

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