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Atomic Dummies

Good-hearted but disaster-prone teens take jobs setting up mannequins for atom bomb testing in Nevada in 1955, leading to a weekend they won't forget.

Comedy (Rated PG)
104-page feature screenplay (also formatted as 30- and 60-minute pilots)
4-page synopsis
$25+ million budget
© 2012-2022

Teenagers. It doesn't matter what era: Arguing over which song on the hit parade is the dreamiest, surviving their parents, or finding a job that doesn't suck big-time.

Oh, and returning the B-52 bomber you took for a test spin, stopping World War III, and saving the planet from atomic zombie chickens flooding out of cobalt-contaminated Las Vegas.

It's just another weekend for four ungraceful teens hired to set up domestic survival simulations, aka atomic dummies, during 1950s civil defense atom bomb tests.

The characters resemble "The Three Stooges" (except with four), without most of the eye-poking violence (though personally I love that stuff), set to a soundtrack from "American Graffiti". The leads are the two girls, who are only "slightly" less silly than their two boyfriends. In fact, if it weren't a different era, you might also say these characters would get along just fine with "Napoleon Dynamite".

Major Characters/Casting Possibilities:

Patty (and boypal Ricky), 16 years; her parents Ralph and Maureen, both 40
Debbie (and boypal Bobby), 16; her parents Jim and Karen, both 35
The boys' sneaky, spoiled brother Stanley, 7; their parents Rolly and Jean, both 35
Pvt Randolph, 25; Sgt. Proctor, 45; Gen. Puka, 55
God (Chris Rock); Archangel Michael (John Travolta); Archangel Gabriel (John Cho)


Award Winner (Top Script Awards - Character Ensemble)
Honorable Mention (Changing Face International Film Festival [CFIFF])
Selected (Genre Celebration Festival)

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