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It's Great to have a Pet

In a home full of fun and frolicking cats, the oldest feline must help his pals come to terms with the bittersweet cycle of life when one of the younger pets becomes seriously ill.

Family Animated (Rated G)
85-page feature screenplay
3-page synopsis
$25+ million budget
© 2018

Welcome to the world of Caesar, Gus and Julius - oh, and don't forget about their owner, Penny!

“It’s Great to have a Pet” delves into not only the depths of love we feel for the beasts who share our homes, but the devotion they give in return. And it's Cycle of Life stuff: How everything begins, flows, ends, repeats.

IGTHAP can certainly be enjoyed by the entire family; however, it's not a monumental pet adventure in which the animals have been personified.

That is, it’s more “Bambi” than “Puss in Boots”. While Puss was a wonderful and successful film, it was anthropomorphic in that one could substitute humans for the animal characters to achieve essentially the same story.

This one is an imagining that is 100 percent from the pets' p.o.v.

Incidentally, audiences might realize that the singular “pet” in the title actually refers to the cats' human owner: "She" is "their" pet!

Producers: To review this story, which goes from frolicking slapstick to genuine heartache to overwhelming joy, I look forward to sending it... and be sure to keep the tissues handy!

Major Characters/Casting Possibilities:

Penny the pet owner, 30 years (Dakota Fanning)
Voices for cats Julius, 15 (senior citizen); Caesar, 10 (middle-age); Gus, 2 (youthful)


Award Winner (Gil International Screenwriting Awards 2022)
Award Winner (Paws International Film Festival 2022)
Official Selection (Silicon Beach Film Festival 2022)

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