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Intifada Joe and the Woo-Woos
(Part 2 of 2)

A terrorist group triggers a path to disaster that a War Room full of generals and CIA analysts frantically tries to stop.

Comedy, Thriller (Rated PG-13)
92-page feature screenplay (also formatted as 60-minute pilots)
4-page synopsis
$50+ million budget
© 2016

If you liked "Dr. Strangelove", you'll enjoy these updated takes on the powers-that-be as they play war games with the fate of the world!

They could be the honest-to-goodness most controversial scripts you will ever read. I do not pretend to solve the issue of the War on Terror in under two hundred pages - except to suggest that the conflict will never end if we let the radicals on both sides continue to dictate everything. Still, these stories will definitely leave you thinking, gasping and chuckling ... even as it becomes apparent just how plausible and historically-desired by the terrorists that each depicted attack is.

If you'd like to view the scripts for these outrageous, culture-clashing ensemble pieces, which have a diverse range of characters and could attract a celebrated international cast, I look forward to sending the PDFs to your attention.

Part 1: A Fine Day for a Beheading (92 pages)

When the CIA intercepts a terrorist video of a radio-controlled model airplane, the CIA sends their top experts, a beautiful strategist and her clandestine lover, an Arab-American analyst, to Riyadh in an effort to head off a plot to override the autopilots on civilian aircraft, unaware that the target is something with far graver international repercussions.

Part 2: Intifada Joe and the Woo-Woos (92 pages)

The CIA’s Assistant Deputy Director and her clandestine lover, a senior CIA analyst, try to stop a plot by terrorists to steal an Ebola sample from an outbreak zone, unaware that a halfwit radical and his two sidekicks, who’ve been dumped by the terror group, have come into sole possession of the deadly specimen.

Major Characters/Dream Cast suggestions:

Asst. Deputy Rebecca Walton, 34 years:  Emily Blunt or Emma Stone
Agent Hamid al-Sabab, 33:  Donum Dei or Andy Demetrio
Deputy Dogood, 55:  Nicole Kidman
The Host, 65:  Numan Acar, Umut Karadag or Ricky Sekhon
3-Star Gen. Breakabit:  Dustin Hoffman
4-Star Gen. Baldich:  Al Pacino

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Quarter-Finalist (San Francisco International Screenwriting Competition)
Official Selection (Wiki: World's Fastest Screenplay Contest - April)
Honorable Mention (London International Monthly Film Festival - July)

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