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The Rewilders

Things go magnificently awry when a conservationist leads her team of government ecologists to re-introduce near-extinct species back into the wild.

Animation, Comedy, Family, Fantasy (Rated G)
92-page feature screenplay
4-page synopsis
$50+ million budget
© 2011-2021

Tagline: Oh, why don't they just let the blasted things die out in peace!

In a near future world, when well-intended environmentalism is at its peak, imagine conservation laws that shut down machines at the most inconvenient of times, an unrequited romance between a conservationist and a farmer whose livelihood she inadvertently ruins, an anti-rewilding terrorist running amuck, and a Great Beaver War that foreshadows an animal apocalypse:

Lieutenant: "Darn! Beaten by an oversized rat. Run for your life!"

(But remember to turn off the lights before you go out)

Yes, "The Rewilders" starts with a bedtime story for two children, and includes lots of fuzzy animals and goofy bureaucrats: It's something a Tim Burton or Terry Gilliam would have fun with! But it also features a serious lesson about power in the hands of the few over the many, and especially the butterfly effect - in that through the comedic chaos we must recognize that Humanity has a position in the ecosystem, too. For those who enjoyed Wall-E, they ought to get a kick out of The Rewilders.

If you'd like to view this fun Pythonesque fable, which is set mostly in Scotland except for world-wide montages of the well-intentioned but absurd rewilding efforts, and which could be done in full animation or live-action/CGI, I look forward to sending it to you.


Bright International Film Festival (Winner 2022)
Plot Point Awards (Quarter Finalist 2022)

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